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Screen Resolutions and Incident Command

Why should you, the incident commander, have a better than average working knowledge of certain audio-visual technologies? Because almost everything you are doing to illustrate the Common Operational Picture is displayed through a video display system of some sort. The display can make or break the ability of users to visualize the data. When you are sitting in your half a million dollar command bus staring at 4K monitors with perfect lighting, your maps and data look spectacular. Here is a shameless plug for my favorite incident command software, Mission Manager.  

Understanding the available screen resolutions will help you in determining which video displays you should be buying and perhaps some of the limitations of your existing equipment. Consult with your favorite AV Tech or email me. We will work it out.  One last thing, if you are buying your monitors from a big box store please call your AV Tech. Most of these stores carry consumer products and they usually do not hold up to continuous duty cycles or be viewable in sunlight. If you are going to hop into Jack’s Big Video Store, wheel the monitors into the parking lot and take a peek. 

Screen Resolutions
A simple perspective of screen resolutions.
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